Sunday, May 29, 2011

Time to Talk

So, I have been very MIA for the last hummm like 10 or 12 weeks and now it is time to talk about what happened. One day I was blogging about my 8 hour epic training day and preperation for ironman and two days later I went out for a 60 minute easy ride, returned home, tossed my bike across the room and informed my husband I was done. Then crawled into a black hole of anti swim, bike, run. This has left people asking two questions. What happened and what have I been doing?

The first question is a little more difficult for me to answer. I am a very black or white all or nothing person. It seems I just burnt myself out both physically and mentally. It was a solid six weeks of doing very little before my legs stopped feeling heavy walking up steps and it was just last week before I could stomach the idea of getting into the pool. For the first couple of weeks I spend A LOT of time on the couch, played wii and did puzzles. It almost felt like I had the flu, but wasn't sick. Then I started doing some yoga, tried crossfit, and started to learn to kiteboard. I went for walks, road my mountain bike, got a dog, and generally just chilled. Then due to some pleurisy (fluid around the lungs, which is not suppossed tp be there) I needed to sit on the couch and rest for about two weeks while taking some drugs and getting better. Which brings me to NOW!

Now, I am back to having that burning desire to go run, to fling sweat of my finger tips on a hot brick, to jump in the long course pool and bang out a tough swim, to knock out a long ride, to wake up at 4am and train. That is who I am, I am very passionate about this sport and truly love it, which is why I think so many people were confused by my complete withdraw from it. I will be honest that during this whole process the thing that made me the sadest was not bailing on ironman, not lossing my fitness, not explaining to friends/family/coaches/ that I was quiting, but the feeling that I had lost something that had once brought me so much joy. At one point I loved the sport, the people, the training, the gain of fitness, but I had lost all of that. I was scared that I would never enjoy the sport again, sad that I had lost it. It was kinda like a bad break up. I was glad it was over but still had all of those great memories which made it very difficult. Many people told me that if I just took some time off that things would be ok and the passion would come back. I did not believe them and was sure that if the passion did come back it would be more like a year or two or even five. BUT, I was wrong and the passion is starting to come back, so I am going to get back on the bike, back in the pool, pull out the AVIA's and run. Maybe even do some structured training and do some fall racing.
I am so glad to be feeling the joy of triathlon and I never want to lose it again. Time for a ride!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


No I am not a Florida fan, in fact I don't even know which Florida school the Gators are. I do however know(from my time living in Macon, Ga) that the Dawgs and Gators don't like each other.

I am talking about real Gators. One of the unique aspects of growing up in the Low Country is our wildlife. Gators, dolphins, migrating manatees, sea turtles, nasty sand gnats, ect. As I child I always found it interesting to watch how the tourist reacted to each of those. They pay big money to go on dolphin cruises, are confused by why we have beach blackouts at night for the sea turtles, swat in amazement at the invisible biting Sand Gnats, and to my biggest surprise they go Gator Hunting. If I had a dollar for every time I heard a tourist ask, "Where do I find a gator." Ummm... any pond on a warm sunny day? Duh.... Even my husband is slightly mystified by these creatures. When we lived in Macon we would let our dog swim in the ponds. I had to be really firm with Jose about not doing that here, not in any pond, ever, because they ALL have gators. It's true, but he didn't believe me. Last month I took my residents and boss down to Savannah for a tour, lunch at Paula Dean's and a tour of the Juliet Lowe house. However, they just wanted to go Gator hunting. Really? I planned this great day for them and all they wanted was to find a gator? So, I found them a gator! You have to understand I grew up with gators they are commonplace to me. I am so confused by how fascinating they are to people. I was told at a young age "Just stay away from them." I think I was also told one of the gators ate the neighbors dog, which probably was not true but just intended to scare me enough to stay away from them. It worked!

Anyhow I came across this today as I was riding my bike. It was a good 10+ footer, just out enjoying the warm day. Note that this is a pond in the middle of a neighborhood with a sidewalk about 15 feet from where he sits. NO ONE was Alarmed, it's just a gator! However, I thought I would share it anways for all of you who may never go gator hunting.

Friday, April 1, 2011

st. george

Let me start by saying that this blog is going to be rather hard for me to write, which is why it has been so long since I have written anything. I have been procrastinating officially saying I have decided not to do St. George. I know it is the right thing for me to do. I am just not where I should be with training and with it being an early season race, I feel like racing would jeopardize the rest of my year.

Ok, enough of that......

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day Off

This last Monday Jose and I were fortunate enough to be able to take the day off from work, but our version of a day off is not what most people would expect. When I looked at my training schedule, I felt a little bored by the workouts, but a few small modifications quickly turned it into an exciting training day. The plan was to swim an hour, ride 6 hours and run 2 hours. Yes, I realize it is not normal to have this kind of training day on a Monday after a full week of training. But the idea of it had me a bit scared and nervous, which made the training exciting.

We started the day with a pre-sunrise swim. It was sort of non eventful and before I knew it we were on our bikes in a frigid 40 degrees. Our neighbors gave us some funky looks as they prepared to head off to work, but I am pretty sure if they knew what we were up to the looks would have been much worse. Unfortunately it seems that every other morning this month has been above 60 degrees with light winds, while we had to ride the first hour in really cold temps and with a very strong headwind. I kept wanting to turn around and call it a day, after all, it is not like I had to do this.

This is about an hour in, we had been averaging about 15 mph into a fierce headwind, I could not feel my extremities and was not enjoying my "day off".

This was our first planned stop at Gardens Corner. Unfortunately the Piggly Wiggly has closed.

Once we got past Beaufort and out of the headwind, we hit a short section of tailwind before the wind direction shifted and we had a crosswind, followed by more headwind latter in the day. The good news was that it did warm up a for a little while about 4 hours into our ride. However, as we were finishing the ride the clouds moved in and the temperature dropped again.

Once we got done with our ride it was time to head out for the run. I was really unsure about this section of the day. My plan was simply to head out the door and just see how I felt. There was no sense in hurting myself and jeopardizing my training. In the end, Jose and I kept the pace really mellow and just chatted the entire way. Before I knew it we were back home and we had just done a 9 hour training day.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Nothing much is new in terms of personal stuff. After a successful trip to Puerto Rico I settled into some solid training. I feel completely unprepared for an 140.6 mile race, but I am told that is somewhat normal for 8 weeks out. I was kinda bummed to not be able to make it to Costa Rica for the Rev3 race. I heard it was an awesome event. Being part of the Trakkers team though allowed me to follow the race and cheer for my team mates who were able to make it. I also really have enjoyed getting to learn about our new sponsors, two of which really stick out.

First Avia running shoes. I will be honest, I have been curious about these shoes for a while. This is a company that has been in the business for a while and I was excited to try out their innovative shoes. My big issue with shoes is that I need a certain level of stability, which ends up in me running in a bulky feeling shoe. The Avia Quest is the shoe I have been training on, and I am happy to report that it is not bulky feeling at all. While it might look bulky sitting on the shelf at a store, I think you will quickly realize that even though it is a stability/motion control shoe, it allows my foot to track more naturally. Having said that, I am not really sure how a motion control shoe can feel natural, but that is why I leave the shoe making to the experts.

The second new update is Recovery Pump. This is an Active Pneumatic Compression System which, in my most basic of layman's terms, pumps air into four different chambers. The process begins at you feet and moves up your leg, then starts again. The goal being to flush out all the waste product from your legs. The bottom line is it feels good and I can tell you that this is becoming a common sight around our house.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kickoff to to 2011 and Vacation

So this weekend many of my teammates will be in Costa Rica racing as rev3 kicks off their 2011 season*(they have added several races this year and a crazy prize purse). I am so jealous that I am not there with them. Rumor has it that the weather is great, the water is blue, the pros are around, and everyone is having a blast.

I wish I was there! BUT, since I cannot be, I have decided to pretend. I have a long weekend planned on the bike(to many hours to admit to), so to get me through it I plan to take a mental vacation, joining my teamies and Rev3. I will eat local food, swim in the blue water lots, and cheer for everyone racing while drinking a cocktail. Oh, yeah and I WILL work on my tan! Want to Join me?????

Friday, February 11, 2011

Best way to start a Friday

So I walk out of the bedroom swimsuit in hand in a hurry to go to the pool. I tell my BHE(husband) I am running late to head to the pool without me and I will meet him there(he hates to be late to masters). He is standing in his running shorts looking at me funny. He replies, "we have a run today...." YES YES YES!!! Of course, I don;t believe him and have to go check the schedule myself, but sure enough, no swim, just a run!!!! And not just any run, but my favorite, a TEMPO run! So instead of dragging my butt into the pool, which I don't like, I get to do one of my favorite workouts! I cannot think of to much better of a start to my friday. Hope your day is starting equally as well!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

day two numbers

78-miles ridden
0-trips to the ER!!!!
3-rounds of doubles don q (puerto rican rum) and diet
A few more- rounds of other stuff!
2-amazing puerto rican meals
1-new food tried
Not enough - pictures taken
Too many - "hoyos" spanish for hole in road.
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

day one stats

Sorry this will be short. And no pictures because my phone died.

154-miles riden
4-flats in our group of 7 people
1-broken chain
1- trip to the er for my father in law. He is ok, details to come.
Countless-AMAZING views
Not enough-calories consumed
Too much- fun had
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Friday, January 28, 2011


Ok, so my new passion is Beer. I really never knew Beer could be so good until a friend turned me onto dogfish.....mmmmmm :)
So, my husband who will now be refereed to as BHE(best husband ever, and he has really earned this title lately TRUST ME) surprises me with this beer tasting. Oh, and did I mention he cleaned the house before I got home from work? He knows how stressed I have been with things lately and how sad I am about my bike, but this totally made my day. I learned that I am an IPA fan!
Ok, Time to go ride 375 miles in the 75 degree weather with the BHE. Don't Hate!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So Sunday I head out for a 5 hour ride and bam.... 2 feet into it my derailleur deciedes it no longer wants to be attached to my frame. Part of me says, "Really? Now?" I mean at the start of a five hour ride and 3 days before I fly out to Puerto Rico.... COME ON! BUT on the flip side, I was only going 2 miles an hour and my husband was able to catch me before I hit the pavement. It was not in the middle of the Ride Around Puerto Rico and I still had a shot at finding a different bike to ride. It wasn't during a race, or an A race for that matter such as IM St. George or Rev3 Anderson
Luckily I have some amazing friends and family who were there to help me out! Jose, my hubby quickly pulled out the mountain bikes and did a five hour ride with me. Val from Outspoken told me, I could cry all I wanted but there was no way I could safely ride my bike and I would need to send it in for a waranty replacement. (as much as it sounds harsh, her tough love probably saved me a wreck). Two of my training partners Tracy and Bridget quickly jumped to loan me their bikes(I have to admit a bike is a very beloved belonging and thier willingness to help me out really says a lot about them, I am lucky to have them as friends). My Mother in law found me a SWEET bike to rent for the ride around Puerto Rico! So my only issue left is what to ride while I wait for my new frame. With the way things are going I have a feeling something will work out.
THANK YOU so much to everyone who was so quick to help me.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

La Vuelta PR

I will be taking off for Puerto Rico next week to ride around the island over the course of three days. My husband and my in laws will be doing the ride with me, along with 600 of my soon to be closest friends. We will be doing La Vuelta Puerto Rico. I wish I could say I was ready to go, but the truth is I will be hoping to to gain LOTS of fitness from this ride as I do not have any real long rides under my belt in recent training. Either way, it will be great to get some warm weather riding in and share time with family and friends.

Check out the Route.

Day 1 (153 mi.)

Day 2 (81 mi.)

Day 3 (131 mi.)

Plus somewhere along the route I should be able to get one of these:

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I am going to warn you now... I am whining, so I will keep this short.

Would it really be January if I were uninjured and running. NOPE. I have this stupid tendon in my foot right now that has my coach restricting all my running and attempting to get my heart rate up to 90% on the elliptical machine. He says, "just work your arms harder." Yeah whatever! The challenge has actually been kinda fun and I have been trying to ignore the fact that I am sidelined from my favorite of the three disciplines, until these showed up at the gym last week.

Sorry for the blurry picture, I was on the stupid(I mean super fun) elliptical.

Yeah, that's right my gym got pink treadmills! I really want to run on them. Now I can't wait until my stupid foot gets better!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Odd People, Nice People, Mean People

From the last 24 hours.

Odd person: This was so odd I couldn't even put it in words to explain it to anyone and thus have not even told the story yet. I will give it a shot with my horrible writing skills!
I park, get out of the car and start going to the door of a store( I tend to move quickly). All of a sudden I hear some lady yell at me, "make sure you don't hit my very nice car with your car door." Mind you I am half way to the store by now and totally confused. I look back and see her standing there looking at me, I feel badly and wonder if I unknowingly hit her car with my car door when I opened it. So, I ask her if I had. She replys, "No, you have a very nice car(not so much just a car) and I have a piece of junk(not so much, I saw nothing wrong with it), I was just joking, lighten up." I ran away scared and confused wondering why someone would say that. The next day I was at the dry cleaners running in the ran with a huge amount of dry cleaning and some lady yells across the parking lot, "Do you need some help." I look over and see the same lady from the day before. WTF is she following me? I yell back, "no" and start running faster before she notices I am in a different car and starts giving me crap.

Nice Person: My lane mate from yesterday. Ok, I am not a good swimmer, but due to a lane shortage got put in a lane that is a tad above my abilities. The coach says to me, " do 25's and leave 5 seconds behind Kelly(a faster swimmer than me), swim hard and catch her." Kelly responds very nicely(not sarcastically), "Savannah, you should set your goals higher!" I don't know why, but Kelley's confidence in me just felt good!

Mean Person: My swim coach for putting me in that lane and giving me an insane set.

Hope you find some nice people and stay clear of the mean and odd ones. Although, that mean one will likely help me out when it comes to preparing for my Ironman.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years!

New years eve 2010 was by far crazier than any previous year. Not only did I make if til midnight for the first time in years, at 4am I was the last one standing! I will leave it at that.
If new years eve is any indication of how this year will go I full expect an exceptional year. Normally I don't do the whole resolution thing because I think I should strive everyday to make improvements in my life. I don't feel like I did that last year and to make up for it I set three new years resolutions for this year!

They are :

1. Remember names. I am really bad at this and honestly it's just rude. It also drives my boss NUTS.

2. Be more green. I have been using way to many disposable cups/bowls/silverware ect. at work. At the end of the day my trash can will literally be full of cups bowls ect. I also need to get some more of those reusable grocery bags AND actually remember to take them with me when I go to the grocery store.

3. This one is a little more personal so I will leave out the details but in short I have had an issue bothering me for several years and have been avoiding it. By the end of Feb I want to man up and deal with it.

So that's my plan for 2011. What's yours?
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