Monday, April 26, 2010

Langley Pond Oly Race Report

This was my last race before the Rev3 Knoxville Half on May 9th. I know that the race is getting close because registration for the event closes this Friday.

We arrived in town around 8:30 Friday night. Our friends, Troy and Kat had arranged for us to stay at Troy's parents house. We preceded to stay up way too late having fun, before finally crashing around midnight, I had been up at 2am so I was more than ready to passout! The alarms went off and coffee started brewing around 5. Everyone quickly made breakfast and we headed out to the race site.

This was also my first race with my new Trakkers team kit and I have to say I really enjoyed showing up to the race site in my team colors!!!!. Saucony makes the kit and it is super comfy and smooth. The water just beads off the material. I knew they made good running shoes, but was pleasantly surprised by the quality of their tri apparel.

I picked up my packet, and headed over to transition. The interesting thing about this race series is that my husband and I rack and start right next to each other since we both race the open division. Well, I rack my bike and start to set up transition when the hubby shows up and asks me to slide my bike down so that he can fit in. Mind you there are only two bikes on the rack so there was plenty of room without me sliding anywhere. I told him to get lost..... What nerve!

Here Is My Transition All Set Up and Ready To Go

One thing I have really been working on is nutrition on the race course. I have started using the EFS Products and they are for real. I am loving the liquid shot. It is kind of like a gel, but there is no gelling agent. I think this is what makes it so different. It not only tastes great but it digests easy and keeps you fueled even during the most demanding efforts. I put about 200 calories in my bottle for the bike and it worked out perfectly.

The swim was interesting, it was my first open water start in the open division. I am by no means a swimmer. I was aggressive in the start and had some feet, but let some girls push me around and ended up all alone. About 2/3 of the way through the swim I caught some feet. However these feet did not swim very straight.

I should also mention that my friend Kat was racing the sprint, their start was after ours, but the swim finish was at the same spot. Kat is a VERY fast and GOOD swimmer. So I am swimming towards "the finish" when I feel someone swim over me and head in a different direction. I look up see that it is Kat and I think wow that is odd and mean, but kept swimming. Well, about 30 seconds later the lifeguards were blowing whistles at me as I had swam way off course. DUH, should have followed Kat!!!! Out of the water in 26:45.

I rushed through transition and got out on the bike. I wanted a solid bike and to be able to push the effort the whole time. It was a two loop course with a low grade hill. The first loop was good. I hit 39 going down the hill but my climb was a little dissapointing as I was a little agressive at the start. The second loop brough some rain, slick roads, bike traffic, and car traffic so even though going up I was stronger going down was slower. All in all it was an ok bike. My legs were really tired and didn't want to give me as much as I was asking for. Bike was 1:07 something.

Into T2!!! I was a little scared about this run. I have been known to be lazy here and I knew it was gonna hurt. I managed to push it and ended up running a personal best 43:XX to which I was happy.

Finish time was 2:20:XX. All in all it was fun day!

Probably the thing I was happiest about from my race were actually my transistions. I typically have had very very slow ones. T1 was second fastest female and t2 was fastest female. I have to attribute some of this to trislide. The stuff is amazing! I spray it on everything and you just slide in and out of it, not to mention it's anti-chafing effects.

At Awards

Friday, April 16, 2010

Rev3 Challenge and Smack Talk

The Trakkers Pro team recently challenged the Trek/Kswiss team to team challeng. The top two men and the top woman from each team at the upcoming Rev3 Knoxville Olympic race will be scored using cross country scoring to determine the fastest team on the day. Winning team get $5,000. Since the challenge there has been a lot of smack talking between the team. Check out this clip from Michael Lovato and Ritchie Cunningham.

This makes the race so much more interesting and I can't wait until May 9th. It will be a challenging and exciting race to watch and to follow.

Check out

Registration closes on April 30th so sign up now before you miss out. You can use the coupon code "Trakkers127" for a $10 discount.

Friday, April 9, 2010

My week in recovery

This whole recovery training is new to me. My old coach never took a recovery period, he took recovery days, two a week. This didn't really work for me, I ended up hurt OFTEN. Now I actually work both recovery days and weeks into my training. I was pretty broken down and coming off from being sick so I was given this for my "recovery" week.

Monday:Easy Swim, 3000 Yards

Tuesday: OFF DAY

Wednesday: Brick Easy Effort 1hour bike 40 minute run

Thursday:Power swim 2600. I only swam 2000 because I was swimming outside and freezing. I figured with coming off being sick I was better off to bag the last 600 and go get warm.

Friday: 1 hour bike with a couple of short intervals

Weekend: Recovery is over, back to some good training!!! YAY!!

I actually hate recovery, because I am still on my old coaches mentality of GO GO GO! I felt like crap all week, which I am being told is normal. I hope it pays off!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cooper River Bridge Run

My first memory of the Cooper River Bridge run in Charleston, SC is from my senior year in college. It was about 11:00 on a Saturday and I had just rolled out of bed.I was trying not to noticed how dirty my house was from the previous nights activities when my roommate walked in the door wearing running clothes holding a box full of fruit and water. I asked him what in the world he had been doing up so early and why he was in running clothes. He explained he had run a 10k over the copper river bridge, I of course thought he was an idiot for getting up so early to run over a bridge.

Well, once I became an athlete myself one of the first races I added to my list of todo races was the Cooper River Bridge Run(I will use any excuse to get back to Charleston)! Year after year we have tried to make it, but have always had a conflict. Finally this year, it fit in the schedule.

We rolled into town Friday night about dinner time, where our friend Tracy had cooked an amazing meal(gluten free!!!) at her parents house on James Island. After dinner Tracy and I had to get to our pre race tradition.

Nail Art!!! We then got our stuff together for the next day and headed off to bed.

4:45 and we are all up and drinking coffee 15 minutes before the alarm was set to go off.

6:30 We pack the car with too many people to count and head over to the race site. Mind you this is a big race with 40,000 runners. I had never done it and was fully expecting to spend lots of time in crowds, waiting, and frustrated. Not at all how it went. We drove over the bridge made, several turns that got us lost, and then Tracy pulls right up to the start line. Crazy! We do a warm up and head to line. Again, Tracy pulls some crazy tricks out of her sleeve and I find myself almost in the front row of 40,000 runners. I was starting to hope that my race was going to go half as well as our logistics were working out.

8:00 The gun goes off! Go time. Since I pace poorly, I had decieded to pace off of Tracy and see what it felt like to run"smart." Miles one and two I felt a little tight but comfortable. Mile three, the climb was good, felt strong and was able to pass a few people. Mile 4 was down hill, where I opened up my stride and worked the down hill. Miles 5 and 6 are nice and flat and take you right downtown. I was able to find a nice pack to run with those last couple miles and felt strong.

8:40+ish I hit the finish line with a 1:30 minute PR (I had no expectations going into this race so I was very happy with this). I guess running smart works.

We easily found the rest of the sardines that had packed into the car with us,hit the First Endurance Ultragen, did a quick warm down and headed out for some brunch and mimosas! Perfect day all around.