Wednesday, May 23, 2012


So, it's been awhile since I posted. Ok, a LONG while! Somehow I stumbled upon my old blog posts and started reading them. As I read them I had to wonder if I actually wrote them, in fact I double checked that indeed I had written them. It became very apparent to me how much has changed in my life and what a different person I have become. This for some reason made me feel compelled to write a post. As I reflect on my words from two years ago I cannot put my finger on exactly what is so different in my life now, but there is something. So I guess the question is what am up to now and what exactly has changed?

Well first is the addition of this little stinker to our family!
               This is him grumpy from pure exhaustion. Normally he runs around like he is part squirrel.

Although I used to race a good bit, I have taken about a year and a half off from it. Even though I was still working out and trying new things like, crossfit, yoga, and kiteboarding I never felt compelled to step on the starting line. Until last weekend! I am however glad to say that I finally raced again last weekend and really enjoyed it. I am sure there will be more races in the near future. Along with some other "events," but I'll save that for another post. In my defence being hit by a deer on my bike and breaking my sacrum only to be followed 3 months later with a random slip and fall ending in a broken elbow with 6 screws and a plate didn't really leave me with many racing options.

I guess overall my view on life has just changed. Maybe it's maturity, maybe it's experience, maybe it's good or bad but either way I can not explain how strange it felt to look back at what I wrote two years ago and not recognize that person. As I read those old posts great memories came back and as I sit here today life is pretty good, so I have no complaints! That being said its time for one of my favorite workouts, the tempo run!!!