Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Odd People, Nice People, Mean People

From the last 24 hours.

Odd person: This was so odd I couldn't even put it in words to explain it to anyone and thus have not even told the story yet. I will give it a shot with my horrible writing skills!
I park, get out of the car and start going to the door of a store( I tend to move quickly). All of a sudden I hear some lady yell at me, "make sure you don't hit my very nice car with your car door." Mind you I am half way to the store by now and totally confused. I look back and see her standing there looking at me, I feel badly and wonder if I unknowingly hit her car with my car door when I opened it. So, I ask her if I had. She replys, "No, you have a very nice car(not so much just a car) and I have a piece of junk(not so much, I saw nothing wrong with it), I was just joking, lighten up." I ran away scared and confused wondering why someone would say that. The next day I was at the dry cleaners running in the ran with a huge amount of dry cleaning and some lady yells across the parking lot, "Do you need some help." I look over and see the same lady from the day before. WTF is she following me? I yell back, "no" and start running faster before she notices I am in a different car and starts giving me crap.

Nice Person: My lane mate from yesterday. Ok, I am not a good swimmer, but due to a lane shortage got put in a lane that is a tad above my abilities. The coach says to me, " do 25's and leave 5 seconds behind Kelly(a faster swimmer than me), swim hard and catch her." Kelly responds very nicely(not sarcastically), "Savannah, you should set your goals higher!" I don't know why, but Kelley's confidence in me just felt good!

Mean Person: My swim coach for putting me in that lane and giving me an insane set.

Hope you find some nice people and stay clear of the mean and odd ones. Although, that mean one will likely help me out when it comes to preparing for my Ironman.


  1. Hah!! Some people are just weird!!

  2. I agree - people are weird!!!

  3. Oh my gosh... that lady is too weird! You are going to start running into her every where I bet! Yikes!

  4. Watch out, lots of weirdos out there! I think we need more Kelly's in the world!