Friday, March 4, 2011


Nothing much is new in terms of personal stuff. After a successful trip to Puerto Rico I settled into some solid training. I feel completely unprepared for an 140.6 mile race, but I am told that is somewhat normal for 8 weeks out. I was kinda bummed to not be able to make it to Costa Rica for the Rev3 race. I heard it was an awesome event. Being part of the Trakkers team though allowed me to follow the race and cheer for my team mates who were able to make it. I also really have enjoyed getting to learn about our new sponsors, two of which really stick out.

First Avia running shoes. I will be honest, I have been curious about these shoes for a while. This is a company that has been in the business for a while and I was excited to try out their innovative shoes. My big issue with shoes is that I need a certain level of stability, which ends up in me running in a bulky feeling shoe. The Avia Quest is the shoe I have been training on, and I am happy to report that it is not bulky feeling at all. While it might look bulky sitting on the shelf at a store, I think you will quickly realize that even though it is a stability/motion control shoe, it allows my foot to track more naturally. Having said that, I am not really sure how a motion control shoe can feel natural, but that is why I leave the shoe making to the experts.

The second new update is Recovery Pump. This is an Active Pneumatic Compression System which, in my most basic of layman's terms, pumps air into four different chambers. The process begins at you feet and moves up your leg, then starts again. The goal being to flush out all the waste product from your legs. The bottom line is it feels good and I can tell you that this is becoming a common sight around our house.

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  1. 8 weeks out! You'll be fine!

    Glad you like the Quests! And I'm looking at my legs in the pumps right now as I type this. It's a common sight!