Wednesday, January 19, 2011

La Vuelta PR

I will be taking off for Puerto Rico next week to ride around the island over the course of three days. My husband and my in laws will be doing the ride with me, along with 600 of my soon to be closest friends. We will be doing La Vuelta Puerto Rico. I wish I could say I was ready to go, but the truth is I will be hoping to to gain LOTS of fitness from this ride as I do not have any real long rides under my belt in recent training. Either way, it will be great to get some warm weather riding in and share time with family and friends.

Check out the Route.

Day 1 (153 mi.)

Day 2 (81 mi.)

Day 3 (131 mi.)

Plus somewhere along the route I should be able to get one of these:


  1. wow I bet that is going to one beautiful ride! soooo jealous! Have a blast!


  3. Wow... looks amazing! Have a great time! And you won't even notice the miles with the water right next to you!

  4. That looks fantastic. I must say, that I am almost as intrigued by that coffee as anything have to tell us ALL about it when you get back!