Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So Sunday I head out for a 5 hour ride and bam.... 2 feet into it my derailleur deciedes it no longer wants to be attached to my frame. Part of me says, "Really? Now?" I mean at the start of a five hour ride and 3 days before I fly out to Puerto Rico.... COME ON! BUT on the flip side, I was only going 2 miles an hour and my husband was able to catch me before I hit the pavement. It was not in the middle of the Ride Around Puerto Rico and I still had a shot at finding a different bike to ride. It wasn't during a race, or an A race for that matter such as IM St. George or Rev3 Anderson
Luckily I have some amazing friends and family who were there to help me out! Jose, my hubby quickly pulled out the mountain bikes and did a five hour ride with me. Val from Outspoken told me, I could cry all I wanted but there was no way I could safely ride my bike and I would need to send it in for a waranty replacement. (as much as it sounds harsh, her tough love probably saved me a wreck). Two of my training partners Tracy and Bridget quickly jumped to loan me their bikes(I have to admit a bike is a very beloved belonging and thier willingness to help me out really says a lot about them, I am lucky to have them as friends). My Mother in law found me a SWEET bike to rent for the ride around Puerto Rico! So my only issue left is what to ride while I wait for my new frame. With the way things are going I have a feeling something will work out.
THANK YOU so much to everyone who was so quick to help me.

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