Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kickoff to to 2011 and Vacation

So this weekend many of my teammates will be in Costa Rica racing as rev3 kicks off their 2011 season*(they have added several races this year and a crazy prize purse). I am so jealous that I am not there with them. Rumor has it that the weather is great, the water is blue, the pros are around, and everyone is having a blast.

I wish I was there! BUT, since I cannot be, I have decided to pretend. I have a long weekend planned on the bike(to many hours to admit to), so to get me through it I plan to take a mental vacation, joining my teamies and Rev3. I will eat local food, swim in the blue water lots, and cheer for everyone racing while drinking a cocktail. Oh, yeah and I WILL work on my tan! Want to Join me?????

Friday, February 11, 2011

Best way to start a Friday

So I walk out of the bedroom swimsuit in hand in a hurry to go to the pool. I tell my BHE(husband) I am running late to head to the pool without me and I will meet him there(he hates to be late to masters). He is standing in his running shorts looking at me funny. He replies, "we have a run today...." YES YES YES!!! Of course, I don;t believe him and have to go check the schedule myself, but sure enough, no swim, just a run!!!! And not just any run, but my favorite, a TEMPO run! So instead of dragging my butt into the pool, which I don't like, I get to do one of my favorite workouts! I cannot think of to much better of a start to my friday. Hope your day is starting equally as well!