Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rev3 Part 2of2: The numbers!

YAY!!!! Rev3 was able to recover my numbers! Here is my race report of race day and some splits!

The day started when our alarms went off at 4:30. Jose and I did our usual prerace routine, coffee, breakfast, and headed out the door. It was COLD!!!! We set up transition, chatted with some of my Trakkers Teammates and went for a warm up run. My legs felt great, but my hip was killing me and way out line (bad news for my bad foot) from the spill I took on bike the day before, which had me concerned.

As I was heading down to the swim start there was a crowd of about 20 pros I had to walk through. About half way through, I hear someone say, "Hey Savannah, Good luck today!." I was shocked, what pro would know me by name? I looked up to see Michael Lovato talking to me, he is one of the pros on my team and I had met him briefly at the team dinner Friday night. I couldn't believe that he recognized me in my wetsuit, swim cap, and goggles, but it was a great start to me day.

It came time for my wave to get in the water. I lined up next to a couple of my teammates and jumped in as this was a water start. We had 5 minutes between waves, so I did a quick warm up and positioned myself on the start line. The swim was nice, fairly calm, didn't get too many elbows thrown at me nor did I catch a draft. Swim time 31:40, a PR, I'll take it.

Time to head out on my bike. First, I cannot even begin to explain how awesome this bike course was!!! Just beautiful, technical, and challenging, I highly recommend it. Did I mention, it was COLD. I had set out gloves and arm warmers to put on, but for some dumb dumb reason I did not put them on. This ride was so cold. I have NEVER been this cold for this long in my life. For those of you that know me, you can attest to how easily I get cold and how much I hate it. I thought many times about bailing, and at the coldest point wondered if I was going to go hypothermic. Luckily, that was just before the temperatures started to warm up. Ultimately, I was a not too excited about how I rode, I was just to cold and felt out of control of my bike from being so tense. Not to mention my heart rate was just way low. Even though I was uncomfortable I enjoyed the change of pace from the flatlands, I loved the bike course!!! Bike time 2:52:02.

YES YES YES!!!! Time to get off this bike and get warm. My feet were numb coming off the bike, so running felt kinda funny. However, my legs felt fresh and good. I started out running around 8's the worked into some 7:30's. My run mileage has been pretty low so around mile 9 or 10 it started to hit me and my pace gradually slowed. The run course was very nice, shaded and well aided with great volunteers. I headed to the finish line, almost there!!! No wait, turn left???? what??? Ok.... OMG a huge, hill! That's cruel and funny at the same time. Up the hill (they had volunteers on the hill cheering for you), down the hill to the finish!!!! Run time 1:43:12. A 15 minute PR!!!! I will take it.

Total Time: 5:12

A few thoughts on the race.
1. Great great course, best I have been on and I will do it again
2. Amazing volunteers and very well stocked aid stations
3. Extremely family oriented, if you have kids this is a race you should do for sure. There is so much for the kids to do
4. Yes, my timing got messed up, but ultimately the eventually found it. I have had this happen at other races so I don't hold it against Rev3. It happens, I know people who have had it happen at Mdot races where kona spots are on the line. Generally if you give the race director some time he/she can figure it out.
5. Finish line. The finish area was also very nice and exciting, a jumbotron, huge stage, face painting for the kids, and lots more!

Next up, my nutrition report. stay tuned.


  1. Great race, I had NO IDEA you fell the day before! You are a rockstar and I am so glad I got to meet you. I hope we get to race together again soon. Are you doing Cedar Point?

  2. Great race lady! You kicked some real butt out there!