Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rev3 Knoxville Race Review (part 1 of 2)

I have so much to say about my weekend in Knoxville, it was a great weekend!!!!

We arrived in Knoxville Friday afternoon and headed right to the race site to pick up our packets. The expo had just opened when we arrived, but they were ready to go. The parking and directions were well marked, registration was well staffed with knowledgeable volunteers, the jumbo screen was set up, and they had all the big inflatable slides ready to go for the kids.

One of the major things I noticed about this race over the weekend is how geared they are towards family and the athlete having a great race experience(yes they are still fine tunning some of the timing and gps units, but I have raced several races where my timing was wrong. Not to mention how many race results I have looked and noticed that some of the participats results were clearly distorted).

Rev3 has so much to do for the kids, they had a play area set up with large slides, a child/parent adventure race(which made me wish I had kids just so I could do the race), family movie night on the jumbo screen, and they let you cross the finish line with your family/kids!

On Friday night I headed to the trakkers team dinner while Jose meet up with my aunt for a Gluten Free dinner! Team dinner was a blast, I meet some of my fellow teammates. We had a special treat when some of our team pros(Richie Cunningham, Michael Lovato and Amanda Lovato) stopped by to say hello! Of course pro and team manager Carole Sharpless was there to hang out with us all night and make sure we didn't get too rowdy. They were all so nice and each took the time to talk to us individually about our race season, training, homes, ect.

Saturday it was up bright and early to head back to the expo for team pictures, a fun run with our team pros, a First Endurance giveway at the Trakkers booth, and bike check in. I ended up hanging out in the Trakkers booth for awhile with fellow teammate and 2009 Kona Amature Female Champion, Kathleen Calkins. This chick is seriously fast and super down to earth and humble. Thanks for the race tips Kathleen!

After the expo Jose and I dropped our bikes off at transition and checked into our hotel. I did my traditional prerace nail painting while Jose got our nutrition ready for race day.

Then we meet up with my Aunt for a prerace dinner(and maybe a glass of vino) at Outback! Yum!!!
After dinner we headed back to the hotel for a good nights sleep before race day. Part 2 of 2 coming soon!!!!

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