Friday, May 7, 2010

Rev3 Goals!!!

I am so excited to race Rev3 on Sunday. I love the half distance races and know that this course and event are going to be a great experience no matter what the clock says when I get to the finish line. Therefore, I have intentionally not set any time goals. I really want to enjoy the day!

Here are my Goals!!!

1. To actually be able to run the run and to get to the finish line without my foot bothering me.
2. To hit my Heart Rate Zones on the bike and run.
3. To stay calm and focused no matter what the day throws my way.
4. To hit my nutrition well. No bonking!!!!

Number 1 is probably the most important to me. I have been struggling with my foot now for over a year and am just now able to train on it and I don't want a big setback.

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