Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fun at the pool!

Today started with a swim! I typically enjoy starting my day with a swim even though most days I have to convince myself to get in the water by repeating the mantra "get in that water and the worst part of your day is over." I hate hate hate the first three seconds of being in the pool. Yet, something about the smell of chlorine and the comforting feeling of warm coffee after swimming just starts my day of right. However, todays swim was exceptionally enjoyable. I don't really know why..... the water was cloudy.... so cloudy that you couldn't see the wall until you almost ran into it. I got stuck in the end lane but made the best of it by trying to splash the lifegaurd during my "blast legs" kick set. Then when I got in the shower I noticed the shower curtain was gone. It was there monday..... and no I didn't notice it when I got in the shower and was fully exposed to everyone in the locker room. However, when I looked down to see water splashing all over my dress shoes sitting just outside the shower I became very concerned. Funny how I was unalarmed by exposing my nakedness to everyone but get a little water on my shoes and the world might end! Friday I will be sure to check for the shower curtain before I get in the shower!

What I use Wednesday coming us soon.
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