Friday, January 15, 2010

looking silly

Since my foot hates me and refuses to let me run like I want to, my coach has me swimming double swims. I have mastered the art of hanging my suit from the rearview mirror and blasting it with the heater in my car to dry it. There is nothing worse than putting on a cold damp suit to get in the pool. Last week while I was doing this my swim coach called me and I had a realization while on the phone with him. The conversation went something like this.

Me: Crap, I think my suit is see through in the butt.
Coach: Which one?
Me: The blue and black one that looks like water.
Coach: Ha, yeah.....
Me: Well, thanks for telling me

Since I swim with a coed group of youth, walking around the pool deck mooning everyone is slightly inappropriate. When I got home I tossed the suit and ordered three new grab bad suits. They arrived yesterday and I am thinking I should have opted for mooning everyone. This is what I got.

Ok, cool... It kinda matches my team colors......

Camo? Really? Sigh..... I have never owned camo in my life....but whatever, it was cheap!

WTF! Skull and crossbones? and red??? Does it get any worse. Good God, I am gonna catch some crap at the pool for this one. I much prefeer pink.....

Luckliy, Trakkers sent me a cool box to lift my spirts. LOVE the PINK!!!!!


  1. They have a pink version of the camo one. Too bad you didn't receive that one!!

  2. Wait, so what swim group IS it okay to moon everyone? You must swim with some "unique" folks. ;-)

    The camo one is bad-ass. Go with that one.

  3. It's okay pumpkin have a cute backside! love, your Mom