Wednesday, December 23, 2009


For the last few months I have not been able to run much due to some stupid foot issues. So, I thought a swim focus would be a good idea. I am not a fast swimmer at all and I blame that on never swimming as a kid. So, I figured I would try to talk the local youth swim team into letting me swim with them. The reasoning in my mind is that all of the really fast swimmers were swimmers as kids and if I ever want to be a "really fast" swimmer I need to start from the beginning.
The coaches of the youth team were nice enough to say yes when I asked to join their team. What I was not prepared for was to only make the silver team(10-11 year olds). I figured ok, I'll give this a try, out swim these little kids, and get moved up. HA. Let me tell you these kids are FAST. They out swim me day after day, I have been swimming with them for about four months now and still am not in the fast lane. They often swim 5000 yards a day and can do 20X100 on 1:20 without thinking about it. It has been a great experience I have dropped lots of time, learned two new strokes, and gain a great amount of respect from these kids. I have gotten to know my lanemates and learned to respect them as athletes as much as I do my other training partners. Today was the last day of practise before xmas and it hit me that most of my training partners in the pool who continue to whoop my butt still believe in santa. Good grief!

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