Sunday, January 17, 2010

extra baggage

Extra baggage(fat) is not fast on race day. A few of us have a little to much extra baggage(thanks mom for all those cookies over the holidays!) than we would like going into the 2010 race season. So, we are starting a weight loss challenge. The first weigh in will be on Tuesday, but the trash talk has already started. We are all super competative. One person who I will leave nameless is determined not to lose since the last time he lost a weight loss challenge he ended up with a tattoo of the Bojangles logo with "Body by Bojangles" on his fanny. No, it isn't Jose. We have also already had to put a no sabotaging rule in place, as the scheming has already started.I expect this to be a highly entertaining 12 weeks
Here are the rules:
12 weeks.
Lose the highest percentage of body weight you win.
20 dollar buy in, winner takes all.
No tattoos
Take a picture of the scale, apparently we have some cheaters in the group.
Plus there will be a weekly incentive TBD and a few sidebets.

I was going to post my strategy, but on second thought I don't want to give the competition any ideas. So, I will post it in 12 weeks.

We have a few spots left if anyone wants in.

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  1. We just started a challenge like this at work! Anything to get motivated!