Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What I use Wednesdays!

I am starting a new habit on my blog! I am very particular about the things I use. Once I find something that I like I stay with it. Each wednesday I will share one of these things with you and explain why I use it.

Since I love coffee, and its a daily staple in my life I figured I would start with something coffee related. I love my Contigo insulated coffee mug. My mother in law (also a coffee enthusiast) gave this to me last year for Christmas. This thing seriuosly keeps my coffee hot for ever. Even though I love coffee and drink it often I don't atually drink that much of it because I sip on it. Since I sip on it, it takes me forever to finish a cup and it almost always gets cold before I can finish it. Cold coffee is icky! The reason the mug keeps your coffee so cold is that rather than having a hole in the lid to drink from it has a seel with a button. When you push the button the seal opens and your nice warm coffee comes flowing out of the mug into your mouth! That seal holds the heat in rather than the traditional hole in the lid that let's the heat escape.

The other reason I love my coffee has pink on it! Pink just makes me smile, but when you combine it with hot coffee it's almost a guaranteed happy start to my day!
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