Monday, October 11, 2010


With the completion of triple t comes the end of my season! This year has been amazing and here is why!

1. I stayed healthy all year! Thanks so much to my wonderful coach for keeping me in line, a great team at drayer physical therapy for teaching how to fix my imbalances, and my amazing husband for taping my stinky, blistered, yucky foot without complaint.

2. The Trakkers team. I was lucky enough to be part of this team of amazing athletes and sponsors. I have to say one of the highlights of my season was getting to meet my teammates and sponsors at Rev3 knoxville(while also racing one bad a** course).

3. Lessons learned. Wow I have learned so much this year. I cannot even start to list everything I have learned this year. My most recent lesson was not to ride a hard 40k on your bike and then jump in a 71 degree lake without a wetsuit and try to swim your a** of unless you want to cramp like crazy. I also have learned how to nail my race nutrition thanks to coach Dirk and first endurance. I have learned I can push my body much harder than I thought.

4. This year has also been filled with accomplishments. There were a few pr's. I finally backed up a solid bike with a run in a half. Thanks to Kat I made it through my longest and hardest bike ride ever. Tracy paced me to a 10k I thought I would never be able to run. I reached volumes in my training that I never even considered doing. There were many more throughout the year but most importantly I had fun each step of the way.

5. Finally my friends and family have given me unbelivable support. My parents dealt with me being missing a lot. My mom actually pushed me to man up and register for my first ironman(IMSG). The inlaws supported me through the very dissapointing eagleman. My mother inlaw as well as training partners Kat and Tracy have very generously shared their knowledge with me. And of course my husband jose! He has been amazing this year helping me with everything from staying motivated to making sure my bike was clean and race ready to yelling at me to do PT. I am very very lucky to have such a great support team.

Now that the 2010 race season is over I have big plans! Four weeks of cross training! I plan to play some golf, ultimate frisbee, take self defense classes, mt. bike, and relax. However I decided this week will be all about me. First up a pink hair extension to support breast cancer awareness month, a massage to get triple t outta my legs, a pedi and mani with my triple t teammate to celebrate our survival of that race, and some much needed wine with the hubby.

Next up .... what I use wednesday.... and a triple t race report.
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