Friday, April 16, 2010

Rev3 Challenge and Smack Talk

The Trakkers Pro team recently challenged the Trek/Kswiss team to team challeng. The top two men and the top woman from each team at the upcoming Rev3 Knoxville Olympic race will be scored using cross country scoring to determine the fastest team on the day. Winning team get $5,000. Since the challenge there has been a lot of smack talking between the team. Check out this clip from Michael Lovato and Ritchie Cunningham.

This makes the race so much more interesting and I can't wait until May 9th. It will be a challenging and exciting race to watch and to follow.

Check out

Registration closes on April 30th so sign up now before you miss out. You can use the coupon code "Trakkers127" for a $10 discount.

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  1. life it seems everything always ends up about money.