Friday, April 9, 2010

My week in recovery

This whole recovery training is new to me. My old coach never took a recovery period, he took recovery days, two a week. This didn't really work for me, I ended up hurt OFTEN. Now I actually work both recovery days and weeks into my training. I was pretty broken down and coming off from being sick so I was given this for my "recovery" week.

Monday:Easy Swim, 3000 Yards

Tuesday: OFF DAY

Wednesday: Brick Easy Effort 1hour bike 40 minute run

Thursday:Power swim 2600. I only swam 2000 because I was swimming outside and freezing. I figured with coming off being sick I was better off to bag the last 600 and go get warm.

Friday: 1 hour bike with a couple of short intervals

Weekend: Recovery is over, back to some good training!!! YAY!!

I actually hate recovery, because I am still on my old coaches mentality of GO GO GO! I felt like crap all week, which I am being told is normal. I hope it pays off!

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