Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Training Partners

Everyone knows that a good training partner is priceless. I have been blessed with some great ones. In Macon I had a few amazing triathletes who had more years of experience with this sport than years I have been alive. They were kind enough to mentor me and share lots of great advice. I also have Jose, who is always ready to push me to the limits and give me a good butt kicking. The H2A team has been kind enough to let me join them and get my butt kicked in the pool by a bunch of 10 year olds(more on that another day). Recently HHI has had a growth spurt in young new triathletes with some great natural talent, who have also kept me company on many long ride. My list goes on and on, but there has been one training partner for the last three years that just really stands out. Poor guy can just not figure out how to ride a bike so he as been bugging me to do a relay with him. Which I must say I have thought really hard about as he is a good runner and with my current run fitness I could use a good runner. I told him I just didn't think he was quite ready yet. So he shows up at my door looking like this.

I explained to him that although he has a great nose to show him the way, the course routes can be difficult and he may get lost. He has been training hard lately and really wants to race so the next day he shows up at my door dressed like this

He then tells me that he would swim for me. I still just don't think he is ready to race. I feel really bad for him, so I told him I would let him enter the costume contest for this weekend's Halloween race in Savannah. I am trying to help him think of a good costume. Any suggestions?

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